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  • God’s Remnant Assembly is an international ministry dedicated to publishing the undiluted Word of God to all corners of the globe. You can view our services at our Central location live via video streaming. We pray that the power and presence of God through His Word touches you wherever you are.

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  • We believe that Jesus is gathering His Church and He knows them that are His. As an additional ministry resource, we provide email newsletters to those whom God has reserved across the globe. Sign up now to receive updates on missions, events, and testimonies of God's faithfulness.


  • Ever since I began attending GRA, all the enemy has stolen from me has been speedily recovered! When I was young,my father had a building he always said belonged to me. When he passed, it was disputed over by my siblings and I ended up losing it to one of my brothers. I had even forgotten about it when recently the Lord showed me a vision in which he gave me a key in a bag. Immediately afterwards I received a phone call from my nieces in London, the daughters of my brothers who had taken my building. They were in charge of his estate and they said they realized he was the rightful owner so they wanted to return my inheritance. The way it happened is certainly by the divine intervention of the God of GRA! (Exodus 15:16-17)

  • The prophetic word came through our Father in the Lord that in 4 days God would change my story. Exactly as said, I received a phone call that an insurance company made and error and would pay me $124,000.This is divine favor or the Lord and I am in awe! (Deut 1:11)

  • I'm so glad one of my brothers in GRA evangelized to me. We exchanged numbers but soon after my line was no longer working so I could not be reached. Supernaturally, while in the shower, I heard my phone ringing. When I saw the missed call, it was this brother inviting me to the Tuesday evening service and saying he was on the way to pick me up. I began attending and hearing all the wonderful things Go is doing amongst the people . I decided to travel with the group to the mountains for a special weekend gathering. The days I was there I was contacted regarding an out-of-state job that i really wanted , but God told me GRA is my appointed place so I had to decline the offer. A few weeks later, the manager called me again to say that he wanted me to be the head of a new division in Maryland , with a higher position than his initial offer. I have seen the Lord is good to those who put him first, for he is Alpha and Omega. (Rev. 21:6)